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Dryzone has Advanced IICRC Certifications as a Master Water Restoration Company and a Master Fire and Smoke Restoration Company.


In homes and businesses that have either had ongoing leaks or have been flooded and not dried out properly. Mold will start to grow on any moist surface that contains cellulose material such as dry wall, insulation, wood, or flooring within 48-72 hours of becoming wet. Mold will stay present in your home until physically removed.

You may have your suspicions that you have mold in your home. Some of the indicators that you can look for are: Musty Odors, Sudden or Continued Health Complaints and Concerns, Know Water Intrusions, Inspections, or Visual Discolorations and Growth.

Many People think that just wiping the visible mold and spraying it with bleach will cure the problem, but this is seldom true especially if the property has been flooded or damp over an extended period of time. The mold typically will thrive in areas that you cannot see such as behind drywall and under cabinets. Mold will dry over time, but will start right back up once it comes in contact with enough moisture.

Mold spores will become airborne when they defend themselves which means that they are spread throughout the structure and can be inhaled by you even when you are not in direct contact with the source. If you have had a flood, don’t turn on the air conditioning hoping to dry the room out, call us out to professionally dry it, rather than spread the problem around the house.

Dryzone employs the best in technology for removing mold. We have trained technicians contain the areas where we will be working and then using industry protocols, we will remove the contaminated materials from your home. Dryzone has various air scrubbers which use a HEPA (high efficiency particle air) filter system to remove mold spores from the air and HEPA vacuums to remove mold spores from walls, ceilings, and other hard surfaces. This equipment is meticulously maintained to provide the most efficiency in their use in your home.

All of our technicians hold certifications with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)


​With specialized training in the restoration industry, specifically for water and fire damage, making your choice of restoration contractors an easy decision. Dryzone has Advanced IICRC Certifications as a Master Water Restoration Company and a Master Fire and Smoke Restoration Company.

Dryzone has IICRC Certified Technicians respond to every emergency using state of the art drying equipment and procedures. Dryzone has emergency technicians on call 24/7 with most emergencies having an arrival time of less than one hour from the initial call.

Dryzone’s Manager has over 20 years of experience in the Restoration and Construction Industry. Initially working as a Carpet Cleaning Technician and evolving into one of the most certified technicians in the industry. We are experienced in Emergencies, Rebuilding and in billing according to your insurance company’s standards. We have worked with your insurance company before and quite possibly more than a few times. We have the experience that you need for your home emergency.

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